The promotional campaign of the Erasumus Mundus program in the academic year 2013/2014

In the framework of program Erasmus Mundus 2 University of Sarajevo has achieved the right to participate in all five partnerships that have been approved this year by the European commission. This has allowed to students in all three cycles of studies as well as students of pre-Bologna, professors and assistents of University of Sarajevo studying and training at 38 universities from EU member states.

Since November 2013 competitions are actual for applications for scholarships for mobility. December 4, from 10:00 to 15:00 hours will maintain central information day in presence of representatives of the five universities of the Europan Union:

  • University „Karl Franz“ in Graz (Austria), JoinEU-SEE project
  • University of Ghent (Belgium), Basileus project
  • University of Lund (Sweden), Basileus / Sigma project
  • University of Sofia (Bulgaria), Basileus project
  • University „La Sapienza“ in Rome (Italy), Basileus project

Also, in addition to the Erasmus Mundus representatives at the Information Day will be representatives of Technical Faculty of Masaryk University (Czech Republic) and they will present their scholarships and programs available to our students.

At 11:00 am in the Conference Hall there will be a presentation with general information about the possibilities of applying the various competitions. Representatives of the University of Sarajevo will be available to our students, professors and assistants. It is possible to apply for a scholarship lasting 1-34 months at all levels of study: undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral. The amounts of scholarship are from 1.000 € for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and 1.800 € for doctoral and postdoctoral studies.

More information is available at: