Mission and Vision of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Sarajevo is the first dental school in Bosnia and Herzegovina established in 1960 as a department of the Faculty of Medicine. In 1974 it became a separate Faculty. Since then, the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Sarajevo plays/has an essential role in the national and international higher education system. The vision of the Faculty has been to establish the standard of excellence in defining the future of dental education, practice, and research since its inception. With this vision as a guide, the Faculty has been devoted to improving oral and general health in the community for some years. The Faculty of Dental Medicine also helps in transformation of dentistry, by removing the difference between oral and general health.

Our mission is to promote excellence in dental education and research as well to improve oral health through work for the community, with an aim to reach the entire population.

The primary goal of the Faculty is to educate students who will be able to apply their knowledge with confidence in all phases of comprehensive dental care. Throughout the educational process, students will acquire knowledge that will enable them to communicate professionally in the written and oral form. The experience gained during the educational process will prepare students to develop analytical thinking and to integrate new knowledge as well as to accept their responsibilities in the service of the community (to improve oral and systematic health) and profession. Our goal is to enable graduates to be ready to face global changes and challenges. The mobility of students and teachers in line with the demands of the European higher education system is a fundamental part of education. The Faculty provides the most up-to-date conditions (or the highest quality of work?) for students, patients, staff and dentists within the framework of continuous education.

Through dedication and constant improvement of our knowledge, using innovative technologies in work and education, We are deeply engaged in the education of future dentists, by promoting critical thinking and lifelong learning.

All our activities are carried out following the principles of ethics, trust, responsibility, respect, compassion, excellence and efficiency in synergy with the Faculty’s strategic plan.