Studies and Programs

School of Dental Medicine, University of Sarajevo carried out graduate studies for obtaining a university degree for professional title doctor of dental medicine (master) or study program for acquiring the scientific title Doctor of dental science.

Integrated Studies (I+II)

It lasts six years (12 semesters) and with continuous work allows evenly load of students. Integrated studies are evaluated with 360 ECTS credits. The work required to finish one academic year is at least 60 ECTS.

PhD programme (III)

Doctoral study at the Faculty of Dentistry of Sarajevo University belongs to the scientific field of biomedicine and health.
Doctoral study lasts three years (six semesters) and with appropriate commitment and continuous effort enables evenly load of students. The scientific degree doctor of dental sciences is acquired by a study program.


Postgraduate Specializations

In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina branches of specialization, duration, curriculum specialization and subspecialization, the criteria which have to have health institutions to perform specialization and subspecialization, method of conducting of specialization and subspecialization and method of specialist exam are defined by the Law of Health Protection…>>more

Continuing Education

The program of continuing education of dentists includes all forms of postgraduate training which organize at the Faculty of Dentistry independently from the regular postgraduate studies. It includes courses, lectures, meetings of working groups, seminars, individual training, consultations, print, video and computer assisted methods of education as well as other forms of knowledge and information transfer… >>more