Bibliographic and citation databases

  • Google Scholar provides a simple way to search and locate the most diverse scientific literature. Linking of works in a subject area is supported by a citation which is also used as an instrument of scientific validation. Access to Google Scholar is open..
  • ISI Web of Knowledge provides access to the most selective international bibliographic and citation databases Web of Science and Current Contents Connect which are used as instruments of scientific validation.
    • o Web of Science unites three citation databases which Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) is produced until 2004 when it was bought by the company Thomson Corporation, now Thomson-ISI.
      • Science Citation Index (SCI);
      • Social Science Citation Index (SSCI);
      • Arts and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI).
    • o Current Contents Connect through its seven sections covering all areas of science:
      • Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences;
      • Clinical Medicine;
      • Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences;
      • Life Sciences;
      • Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences;
      • Social and Behavioral Sciences i
      • Arts and Humanities.

Access to these database is provided within all faculties / institutions involved in the education network UNSA over a range of IP addresses included in the license.